Rochester Land Marks

There are many elaborate sights and landmarks to see in Rochester. The landmarks have been a great view of the city. The landmarks are one of the many attractions that tourists, travelers, and sightseers have come to the town to experience.

These monuments and historical sights are an excellent idea to check out the next time you are traveling to Rochester. One of the familiar landmarks that have been around for centuries in the community is the lighthouse. The lighthouse was constructed in the 1820’s and is a beautiful sight to see. Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse, a 40-foot structure made of stone. The lighthouse was built to guide and provide visibility to merchant boats into the Rochester port. The lighthouse includes a museum filled with artifacts that hold many stories of history.

The Broad Street Bridge is an incredible landmark of Rochester that was built in the early 1840’s. It has been constructed to connect the Genesee River with the Erie Canal waterways. In 1920, the abandonment of the canal had occurred and a second section of the channel was added on, And the Eastman Theater is another historical landmark to explore. It was constructed and opened in the early 1920’s. The Eastman Theatre continues to be Rochester’s premier performing location and is considered to be one of the city’s main attraction structures.

There are many landmarks to explore and see in Rochester. The Mount Hope Cemetery was created in the late 1830’s. This cemetery is a significant area of the town because it has been known to be the final resting place for many famous historical people. These people include; Susan B. Anthony, Frederick Douglass, Civil War General E. G. Marshall and Colonel Nathaniel Rochester. The Colonel is known to be the person who has founded and started the town of Rochester. The Susan B. Anthony residence is the place that housed the famous women’s rights activist and is listed as a Historic home on the National Historical Archives. The George Eastman House is the home of the man who begun the Eastman Kodak Company.

The historical landmarks are just a few of the hundreds of great places to visit in Rochester. The history of the town is fascinating and can open up a new world of stories and education to those who are interested in learning. These historical people and places have brought new light to the town over the past centuries. Each monument, landmark, and historical site holds a vast majority of significant to the city.

The stories and history are what has helped create the amazing communities that Rochester has to offer. It is a great place to learn and explore the heritage and see the magnificent sights to understand the way of life centuries ago. The relevant information that the landmarks have to offer tourists can help to understand the past and how it has helped achieve the present-day way of life. These actual people have all had a significant impact on the community and the development of the Rochester.