6 Fun Rochester Activities

Rochester, NY has a lot to offer in the way of enjoyable activities. For those living in the Neighborhood of the Arts and University area http://hannaproperties.com/locations/university-ave-nota-rochester/ most activities are a short distance away. The following are six recommended activities to try.

Cool Adventures in Rochester NY

The arts isn’t all there is to Rochester, the Neighborhood of the Arts or University Avenue. The music, performing arts and museums form a large part of the mystique and magic of Rochester. However, for the more active and the curious, we thought we’d list some of the coolest adventures to be found in Rochester and its surrounds. Pack your skates, pack a lunch and let’s go looking for adventure!

Antique Wireless Museum

6925 Rt. 5 and 20 Bloomfield, NY

Remember the scene in Titanic when Captain Smith is instructing the telegraphers to signal any nearby ship that they were going down and required help? Remember the fingers of the telegrapher tapping out Morse code? You can see that room, as authentically made up as it was on Titanic. You can even send your own messages on the equipment of yesteryear. You will also see the first transistor radio and the first cell phone. Get a picture of the kids’ faces when they see those!

Hidden Valley Animal Adventure

2887 Royce Rd., Varysburg NY

An extraordinary adventure waits to take you away from your ordinary life. Ride a trolley through a genuine safari, pet the animals and enjoy some stunning scenery. You’ll get up close and personal with yak, elk, emu, bison, zebras, llamas, camels and more. Visit the small animal park, too. Have dinner or a snack in one of the two restaurants along the trail. Plan to attend the musical events. Buy a season pass and escape to the wild whenever you want. Sleigh rides in the snow-filled winter are another adventure waiting for you to attend.

Seneca Park Zoo

2222 St. Paul St., Rochester

This is no ordinary zoo. No cages, nor mock habitats for tranquilized animals. No, this zoo encourages us to consider the real habitats of these animals, for example, the underwater habitats of polar bears, penguins and sea lions. If you’ve never seen a meerkat outside of the Discovery Channel, you’ll get to see them here. Re-introducing species into the Genesee River such as lake sturgeon and otters is another way the zoo cares for the environment. Come and see what other critters Rochester is protecting.

The Strong National Museum of Play

One Manhattan Square, Rochester

Whoever thought up a museum of play did a jam up job of it. Games from the beginning of time, dolls, Radio Flyer wagons, stuffed animals and more populate this most amusing of museums. Video games from the first to the present will give the kids something by which to be amazed. Pinball machines, wooden toys, toys from before the world war, toy robots and bubble machines extraordinaire will keep the kids occupied for hours. They’ll bring back memories for Mom and Dad, too.

Altitude Trampoline Park

3333 W. Henrietta Rd., Rochester

Who doesn’t love to bounce around, shedding stress, having fun and feeling like a kid again? Come bounce around, play dodgeball, climb the rock wall, dunk some basketballs and have a, pardon the pun, ball! Safety areas for kids are available.