Living the Park Avenue Lifestyle

Those moving to a city often wonder what parts of town have the best schools, are the safest from crime, have the best home prices and offer parks, recreation, shopping and churches. It can be a little difficult to find the answers to all these questions. Each neighborhood has its charms, so those moving to Rochester should research carefully before making a decision. For example, here is information on living the Park Avenue lifestyle. We hope it helps.

It’s About the People

The Park Avenue neighborhood is like a small village surrounded by a large city. People know each other and look out for each other. You’ll know a number of them from working together or seeking entertainment and seeing them there. It’s a tight-knit community.It’s a warm and welcoming community. If you feel more at home amongst friendly people, then Park Avenue is the place for you.

It’s Also About the Homes

The Park Ave neighborhood was established in the mid-1800s. Several streets merged to become the Park Avenue of today. Affluent buyers who couldn’t afford the nearby and exclusive East Avenue settled here. The architecture ranges from Tudor to cottage to Italian and Victorian. Some of the former mansions were remodeled to become apartments. New townhouse complexes have been built. It’s a diverse neighborhood, with something for everyone in it. Affordability is not a problem.

Park Avenue Education

One of the charms of Park Avenue is its level of education. Rochester is, after all, a college town. Ten colleges and trade schools give Rochester residents a taste of higher learning. Whether you come from another city to attend one of Rochester’s colleges, or whether you live closer to town and want to attend college here, you’ll find well-rounded conversations happening with Park Avenue residents, entrepreneurs and business owners.

Park Avenue Shopping and Dining

It’s not every town or every restaurant that gets featured on one of the Travel Channel’s or the Food Channel’s restaurants and challenges shows. One of Park Avenue neighborhood’s charms is its proximity to some of the restaurants featured on the popular cable networks’ shows:

Nick Tahou’s. The home of the “Garbage Plate,” a Rochester favorite

Sticky Lips BBQ. Home of the 30 minute challenge of eating a three pound bacon double cheeseburger piled high with pulled pork, hot sauce and fries

Campi’s. Home of The Steakbomber. Pile whatever you like atop an already high pile of shaved steak on a hamburger bun the size of a football helmet. With hot sauce.

Adam Richman had a good time with these.

Park Ave neighborhood is packed with boutique shopping, one-of-a-kind shoppes and plenty of spas and salons. When you’ve found the perfect outfit and shoes, stop in a spa to ease the muscles and reduce the stress. Perhaps you needed new glasses and stopped in One Hip Chic Optical. Get rid of a headache at Park Avenue Salon and Spa. Find unique gifs at the Parkleigh, which used to be a pharmacy. We hope it helps.