Covid 19 Memo

To: Hanna Properties residents
From: Joe Hanna
Date: 3/20/2020
RE: Covid 19

The Covid 19 is presenting the most significant challenge in my 50-year career. To mitigate its possible impact on our properties, daily operations, and – most of all – the health of our residents, we have implemented or are considering the following actions today:

  • Sanitizing all surfaces in the 7 buildings where the tenants have common contact, i.e., entrance/exit door knobs, hand rails, entry intercoms, elevator buttons, and the mail area. This will be done Monday through Saturday.
  • Making only essential repairs that are restricted to plumbing, heating, and electrical.
  • Service techs continue to wear booties and gloves and will disinfect the areas where they work.
  • Exercise facilities are closed.
  • The office is closed, but staff is available via phone, text, or email.
  • Available apartments, unless vacant, can be viewed on our website via the virtual tours or pictures of the actual apartment.
  • Deferred payment plans are being considered for those verified unemployed residents.

Thank you.

Joe Hanna